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Renal Biopsy
Renal Biopsy Procedure

Renal Biopsy

What is a renal biopsy?

According to  Dr. Maheiish Rokade , Kidney Specialist in Pune this medical procedure involves taking a small sample tissue (biopsy) from the kidney so that it can be examined under the microscope. It is usually done on the left kidney. From renal transplant recipients it is done from the transplanted kidney.

Why am I having a renal biopsy?

This gives information on the cause of your type of kidney disease, which will help doctors understand what caused it, how severe it is, what treatment is necessary and whether it might run in the family.

Renal transplant patients undergo a biopsy usually at 3 months and 1 year after transplantation. This helps us to find out if there is ongoing damage to the kidney (sub-clinical rejection) and will guide us to alter the immunosuppressive medications.

Renal transplant patients may need to undergo biopsy at other times as determined by the doctors if there is a abnormal blood result.

Renal Biopsy

Risks of a renal biopsy

There is a 5 per cent risk of doctors taking an unsatisfactory tissue sample, meaning the procedure may need to be repeated.

There is a 5 per cent risk of significant bleeding from the kidney. If the bleeding occurs around the kidney, you may feel back pain. If the bleeding occurs inside the kidney, you may see blood in the urine.

If there is low blood pressure associated with the bleeding, you may need intravenous fluids. In less than 1 in 100 cases, a blood transfusion or special procedure to stop the bleeding may be necessary.

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